Can You Hear Me Now?

by The Van Outfront

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These are just a few tracks off my upcoming debut, tell me what you think! I've been working on this album for like 7 months now, but it might be absolute shit haha, only 16 so its all up from here!

2 fast tracks then 2 slow ones, if you dont like one skip ahead!


released May 26, 2017

Evan Wright -Literally everything




The Van Outfront Annaheim, Saskatchewan

I'm just a 16 year old kid with stupid goals, but I got lucky enough to get a guitar, and well here we are.

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Track Name: Bedroom Floor
Chords: capo 4th C E7 Am F G repeat

First day of july I waved my family goodbye
As I moved into your spare bedroom

Things were fine at the start Id earned a place in your heart and your parents seemed to like me

But as time went on, I knew I was wrong, and I was feeling ficking crazy

Just a week had passed and I was out on my ass you said Im sorry but I cant help you

I was alone in the dark, too scared to sleep in the park but I was feeling oddly happy

Cause if things were this bad, I guess I ought to be glad if it means Ill have a brighter future

You took me into your home, no longer felt on my own you said "I made a bed you can sleep on"

It was a place on the floor, made of a sheet and no more you said "this should do for the weekend"

I was trying my best, to try to get some rest but you were yelling at your parents

Pass out on your bedroom floor before you stomp out the house and you slam the door

All out of second chances, I tried to fix this while you abandoned it

I know I know I know this shit is going south
I gotta move on I gotta fogure this out

I know I know, etx.
Track Name: It's Whatever (Demo)
This year is getting longer
each day becomes the next
The lines blur into nothing
since you left I've been a wreck

I thought I'd gotten over
This spell you've cast on me
if my heart was the ocean
then your poison has filled the sea

If you see me walking
dont call out my name
please god, if you're watching
let me live without my shame
I've been sober all morning
time to go numb the pain
lets drink until tomorrow
and let the rain wash away today