Vancouver Demo

by The Van Outfront

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The final demo off the new album, it should be fully recorded and on here in about 2 weeks tops. Hope you enjoy :)


I knew a girl
who moved away
to a brand new town
to a brand new place

She said its fine
its going good
I wanna do the things I want
I wanna do the things I should

but my bestfriends
have not called me yet
and I'm starting to think
that they might forget

and I am scared
I won't succeed
at all the little things
that I try to be

And my stupid next door neighbour
keeps on yelling at his wife
and I wanna move out
I wanna feel alive

so I will

she said I wanna just move on
I wanna get on with my life
cause all these pointless conversations
are keeping me awake at night

And I will go,
I will go
to a different place
where no body knows

that I am scared
of irrational things
like that I might die
before I have kids

and I will buy
myself a door
and I will open it up
and see whats in store

but I know
that on the other side
will be my bestfriends
and they are not alive

and they will say
that they were sick of my shit
and how I thought I'd be big
and that I'd write a hit

and they will leave
a bad taste in my mouth
of the love we shared
as I lay down

And I will dream
of starting a band
so when I sing my songs
they could understand

that I'm fake
that my life is a lie
and that I write all my songs
to impress you guys


releases July 23, 2018
Everything: Evan Wright




The Van Outfront Annaheim, Saskatchewan

I'm just a 16 year old kid with stupid goals, but I got lucky enough to get a guitar, and well here we are.

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